How To Cope If Your Uninspired & Unmotivated

Hey everyone!

Can’t believe we’re already two weeks into the new year! 2017 is gonna go as fast as 2016 did, I can tell. Hope you guys had a great Christmas and have a great year xx

Sooo this is officially my first post of 2017 and I’m kicking things off by doing something different. Recently I’ve decided to make my blog not just a fashion blog, but a lifestyle AND fashion blog. I want to post more stuff about my life for example: events that I attend, new hobbies, relatable subjects, fitness journeys, advice/tips and more!


This post is titled “How To Cope If Your Uninspired & Unmotivated”

Whether it’s work, college/school or anything else… This post is very important as it is something EVERYONE goes through!

At the end of 2016/start of 2017 – everyone started to set up their new year resolutions.

2017 is gonna be MY year” 

“I’m gonna make sure I do my work as soon as it’s set”

“2017 I’m gonna be on my grind – you lot aren’t READYYYY!!”


But when it comes down to it, your still sitting on your sofa in your dressing gown scrolling through the TL for the 10th time in five minutes..

^ LOL who’s guilty of this??            *slowly raises my hand*

Here are some ways of how to cope with your lack of inspiration and how to get yourself motivated!!!!

  • Accept – don’t feel sorry for yourself 

Accept what has happened. There’s no point thinking about the past because the past is THE PAST and that’s not going to change. Start thinking about the future and how you can better yourself

  • Plan

You’ve already THOUGHT about being motivated. Now you just need to START being motivated. If you’ve already thought about it, your halfway there.

Planning is KEY! – Get a simple lined notepad from the pound shop or even from somewhere like Primark or ASOS if you prefer to write your notes in a more stylish pad.

Write down any of your goals, aspirations and how you plan on getting there and what steps you will take to get to your goal.

I even write in my notepad “What I need to do today” – it’s great to have a checklist of what you need to do and you feel even better at the end of the day when all your tasks are done.

  • Stop looking at other people and THINK ABOUT YOURSELF!!

This step is crucial to this process! Most people look at others, on social media especially, and start doubting themselves and putting themselves down.

They think.. “Look at her! I wish my life was like hers”

But look at YOU and YOUR LIFE.

Block out everyone else and focus on yourself. This is when the progress will really start to show.

  • Speak it into existence and start executing

Once you’ve written down your notes. Start reading them religiously and keep telling yourself that anything is possible!

Think about WHY you wrote down these notes in the first place so that if you ever feel unmotivated or uninspired again – you’ll remember why you did it in the first place and how to keep your spirits up.

Keep track of your goals and check your progress to help keep you motivated day in and day out.

  • Give yourself breaks

You don’t want to feel overwhelmed by rushing to achieve your goals as fast as possible. Remember slow and steady wins the race.

  • Watch and read inspirational books or movies

There are many inspirational books, quotes, speeches or even movies that can support you on your journey. have a range of inspirational quotes and there any many inspirational books such as:

“Think & Grow Rich”

“The Little Book of Positivity” and more.

You can find more online and in your local library.

  • Eliminate your distractions

As much as we love our phones – I can admit, it is the BIGGEST distraction.I need to take this advice because my phone literally lives in my hand *shakes head*

Turn it off for a few hours and do what you have to do. Your phone isn’t going anywhere!

Thank you for reading and hope this helps!!!


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