“The Teen Experience is a six-part series of: 2 Brunches, 4 Days of Workshops and 1 Pop-up Beauty Expo/Store Party; taking place at Wah London Soho Salon owned by Sharmadean Reid and brought to us by @HairIsSimba & @TreasureTress”

I first heard about The Teen Experience through Instagram. It came up on my popular page and I saw pictures of the experience so far & I thought to myself:

“This looks really good! How can I get involved? How can I be apart of it?”

At that point, they already had two brunches and I was absolutely gutted that i missed out on BOTH of them! But when I followed them on Instagram to get more updates on future events – they coincidently had a workshop coming up and there was no way I was gonna miss that!

Sooo I bought my ticket and on Sunday 21st April 2017, I attended The Teen Experience Workshop Day #1, which is the first workshop out of four in total.

When I first got to the venue, I was amazed by the whole set up of the event. There was flowers everywhere, sweets, posters, balloons, etc. It was a perfect, girly set up and it made me feel welcome, comfortable and excited for what was in store

The first workshop of the day was:

  • ‘Own it’ led by Empowerment Bloggers + Authors: CurltureUK

As this was the first workshop, I had no idea what to expect and what the workshop would entale. But as it went on, it turned out to be very enganging and powerful.

The workshop focused solely on any flaws and insecurities that we may have and no matter how hard someone tries to deny it…

EVERYONE has insecurities. We’re only human. (There’s nothing to be ashamed of)

This workshop wasn’t a boring lecture with typical quotes like “love yourself” & “everyone’s different”

It was the complete opposite. It didn’t make you feel guilty about having insecurities. Instead, it made you feel empowered. It made you wanna say:

“Yeah I don’t like the freckles on my face, but SO WHAT?!


“I may not be the slimmest girl in the world, but I love my body!”

What I liked most about the workshop was how engaing & current it was. Everyone LOVES music and most teenagers are into rap & hip hop music. So the women of Curlture UK came up with a catchy rap to the popular song “Cut It” to break the ice, get us all hyped and create a bond.

“They try to bring me down,

I’m gonna dismiss it,

They try to bring me down,

They don’t know I’m lit,

Ima be what I want cause I know I’m sick,

Affirmations all the time cos I’m a boss chick”

I also liked the fact that the women of Curlture UK didn’t put all the pressure on us. They also shared their own personal stories of their own insecurities which made me feel reassaured and like I wasn’t alone.

“There is power in the things you are ashamed of”.

KINK, Jay & Tri.




The second workshop of the day was:

  • ‘Building Confidence’ led by Founder of Esther Academy Kamden Monplaisir

This workshop was short but effective. Kamden was very genuine as she shared her story with us and made us aware of the whole reason as to why she started the Esther Academy. I find that people who share their story are far more relatable and inspirational, as they show you that “if I can do it, then so can you”.



The third workshop of the day was:

  • Beauty Standards led by Tobi Oredein Founder of Black Ballad

This was one of my favourite workshops of the day because it’s so relevant to todays society! Beauty Standards are a huge part of this day and age and is often based on what social media thinks is beautiful. For example Kim Kardashian is praised highly as what is perceived to be the “ideal looking woman” and other celebrities such as Beyoncé, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, etc.

Beauty Standards are not just based on social media and celebrities. It’s also based around models such as Bella Hadid & Kendall Jenner, it makes people think that if your not as slim as those people then your not seen as beautiful or worthy.

The task we did in this workshop was identify what we think should really be classed as “beauty standards” in our society. With almost everyone saying that we shouldn’t put a label on anything, we shouldn’t judge anyone & everyone is beautiful in their own right inside and out which was great message to send to these young women.


The fourth workshop of the day was:

  • Goals! Led by creative entrepreneur & founder of WAH Nails Sharamdean Reid

This workshop well and truly inspired me and left me feeling motivated about my future. Sharmadean let us all into her own personal effective goal setting strategy that saw her turn her dream into a reality.

She gave the girls and myself  in attendance the courage to think about our futures/goals in more depth by breaking down what we are going to do to get to where we want to be.

I think this was something we all needed, especially from someone like Sharamdean Reid, who has been in our shoes before and is now the founder of the venue that we were all in! #bosschick 


The fifth and final workshop of the day was:

  • Blurred Mirrors led by Content Creator & Youtuber Chrissie Milan 

This event really opened my eyes and made me truly realise the power of social media and Coming from a blogger/YouTuber herself (Chrissie Milan) made it even more real. We tend to get caught up inside Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms that we forget who we are and we shy away from the outside world. It’s important to remember that Social media is fake and only the highlights of life is shown and never the bad sides. Always stay true to yourself !
All in all, #TheTeenExperience was an amazing & a beneficial event!! It was aimed at 12-19 years olds but I think that even some of the adults took away something positive from this experience. I think that #TheTeenExperience is such a good movement to ensure that teens & young adults love themselves thoroughly and it helps to prevent them into wanting to look like or be someone else.

What an amazing event!! I will definitely be going to some of the other events that they have lined up and you should too! It is such a great experience!

The next event is on Sunday 11th June and here is the link below to purchase your tickets!


Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed!

Michayla-Rae x


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