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So I’ve had this outfit in mind for a while now but because of the typical English weather, I didn’t know if I’d have the chance to wear it due to the weather being so up and down.

The weather has stopped me from blogging most days (I know its not a good excuse) but even the highly anticipated Summer ’17 didn’t feel like summer with the weather being so bad.

But there was this specific day where I thought I HAVE to shoot now, I’m getting sick of it. It wasn’t even a hot day – the sun was literally out for about 10 mins, maybe 5. *shrugs*

But are you really from London if you don’t do the absolute most when the smallest bit of sun comes out? We don’t get sun that often even during SUMMER – so I figured it was the perfect opportunity to get the cycling shorts out to play!

Cycling shorts are such a huge trend at the moment especially during the spring and the summer of 2017. I’ve seen it on quite alot of celebrities but Kim Kardashian especially, made me question it and think if I could recreate the trend.

I love the fact that it can either be dressed UP with a bodysuit and heels or dressed DOWN with a plain white vest & a denim jacket.

(Seen in pictures below)

I’m definitely not Kim Kardashian so what looks good on her, might not look as good on me.

I didn’t want it to be a case where I planned the outfit in my head and hype myself up but when it comes down to it and I actually try the outfit on, it looks a damn MESS.

(This has happened to every girl, admit it!!) – but thankfully not this time around!

I went for a casual but cute look by teaming the cycling shorts with an over-sized Tupac men’s tshirt. I prefer to get tshirts from the mens section or if its from the womens section, it has to be the biggest size possible – I like the baggy look with a tshirt.

I also went with this particular tshirt because I wanted to make a statement and I’m obsessed with Tupac right now, which is why this blogpost is called “HAIL MARY”

(Only real fans will know) 

& I also wore my signature black vans, that I wear with literally everything.

I didn’t wear much accessories with this outfit like I normally do, I wanted to keep it as casual and effortless as possible. I didn’t want there to be too much going on.

This outfit is recommended to be worn in the daytime and is suitable for daytime activities, but it is also perfect for summer nights as I went for bowling, dinner & cocktails in the evening aswell right after I did this shoot.

I love to wear outfits that can be worn from day to night – they’re the best kind of looks!

Here are the details of my look below:

TUPAC T-SHIRT | Boohoo Man (£12)

BLACK CYCLING SHORTS | Pretty Little Thing (£5)

BLACK VANS | Vans (Can also be bought from Schuh, Office, etc.) (£55)

SUNGLASSES | River Island (£10)


Thanks for reading! I won’t wait too long to post another blogpost next time xxx



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